Why does having the right mindset matter?

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When we talk about mindset, do we really know what it means? Would you be able to describe it if someone asked? The most common mention we hear is the growth mindset VS. fixed mindset. I am assuming we all have a vague understanding of what those are and what characteristics they have. But are we aware of the power that the right mindset can have on our success?

Ever since I came across the Flow Code® I have been more focused on what state of mind I am in and what kind of mindset I have currently. And the best thing about my awareness is to be able to intentionally set my mindset in a direction I want. I am no longer only reacting to external events, I am the creator of my own reality.

What types of mindsets are there?

In FlowCode® we work with 7 mindsets. Those are:

  1. Gratitude mindset
  2. Playfulness mindset
  3. Awe mindset
  4. Growth mindset
  5. Observer mindset
  6. Transpersonal mindset
  7. Creator mindset

How can I get into a particular mindset?

The great thing about the FlowCode® is that it is created as the link that many other coaching practices are missing. That deep embodiment where you can literally biohack your body and mind.

It is all based on science and created by experts from different fields who worked together to create these tools. Now traditional coaches can expand their influence and help their clients to be even more successful in their pursuit of what ever they are after.

Setting the right mindset is crucial for achieving your goals. And when you focus on for example a growth mindset and practice the intention with triggers on a regular basis, your subconscious will start adopting this new way of thinking and approaching challenges.

It is even scientifically proven that there are numerous benefits if we regularly practice gratitude. And what is gratitude but a mind, set on the frequency of being thankful and grateful for what we have. Gratitude improves your self-esteem, it improves your sleep, physical and mental health and increases feelings of empathy.

Here you can see an example from the FlowHub® portal that I use in my coaching practice, how we hack into those mindsets intentionally:

This trigger is for setting the intention to all 7 mindsets, but we also have videos for a particular one that you want to work on should you choose so.

Why do I need to set my mind to anything?

Our brain is an amazing machine that processes the world around us and creates internal representations of it. What goes on in our conscious mind is only a tip of an iceberg in comparison to what goes on in our subconscious mind.

And the thing is, that our subconscious mind sucks things like a sponge and dictates our behavior. So if we are not careful what we think on our conscious level, we might negatively influence the subconscious. By setting a clear intention to a particular mindset, we increase the chances of our success.

And how the mindset triggers in FlowHub® work is that when you practice them regularly, they will sink in into our subconscious and set your road for success. Remember Pavlov’s dogs? Well, repetition is the mother of skill. So the more you repeat setting your intentions to positive mindsets, the more skillful and prone to success you will be. Science baby! How great is that?

Now that you understand the power of setting intentions for positive mindsets, go on and challenge yourself to do just a short 3 min gratitude meditation for a week and see how you’re going to feel. I dare you!

And if you get really hooked on mindsets, you can grab my promo code for a 10% discount and open a FlowHub® account. 

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