What is transformational coaching

Personal coaching in general is the process of helping people and teams perform at the peak of their abilities. It involves drawing out people’s strenghts, helping them to overcome limiting beliefs in order to achieve their personal best.

What coaching is not, is a form of therapy. Many times clients believe that coach is going to help them with deep emotional and sometimes even clinically diagnosed conditions. These realms are out of the scope of a personal coach and should be adressed by professional doctors and therapists with official degrees in these areas. Personal coaching is seen as a beneficial addition to other forms of healing but should never be a substitution for it.

Transformational coaching

What I mean, when I say that I am a transformational coach, is that I take you on a journey of a self-exploration and transformation. Because at the end of my coaching programmes I want you to come out a new person, a different person that you where when we first met. I want to help you transform into the best version of yourself. The person that you aspire to be.

Many times people are afraid of change. That’s ok, it’s completely human to be afraid of change. But that should not stop us from changing anyway. And that is the main difference between those who thrive and those who stay in the same place. High achievers are not fearless, they just do things despite the fear of unknown. Because that’s what transformation is, going into the unknown.

Transformational coaching aims at achieving the so called state of flow. If you’ve never heard of this term, read my other article on the topic HERE.

The state of flow is the utlimate version of you. It’s when you are performing at your best. And with transformational coaching I want to give you the tools and teach you to be able to get into that desired state whenever you need to. Transformational coaching is not a single-use solution for a single problem. It’s a longterm transformation of an individual who after the coaching programme is able to successfully implement the tools in any area of their life as these newly acquired skills and abilities are theirs for life.

What exactly can I transform and change?

That is up to you. Almost anything. As the tools and techniques are applicable to a wide range of problems, situations and challenges, there is almost no limits in what transformational coaching can do for you.

You may have a certain belief that is preventing you from achieving something. We call this kind of belief a limiting belief. We all have them. The question is if we are aware of them and how to change them so that they no longer limit us.

Another example of what can be changed is a certain type of behaviour that you do in your life that you know is not good for you, but you just don’t know how to stop doing it. Many times this is closely connected with your values and beliefs. So with coaching we can tap into that behaviour and see where the problem really lies.

Have you ever heard of phobias? Perhaps you even have one? Neurolinguistic programming is very successful in dealing with phobias and fears and overcoming them.

Very common thing that I help my clients do is goal setting. Practically it’s part of every coaching package but if a client is interested goal setting skills can be further discussed and learnt so that they can easily use them in other areas of their life. Just imagine how many times you are setting goals in your professional projects, because you understand that without knowing what you actually want, you can not achieve it. It’s the exact same with your personal life. We need to be clear on what our goals are in order to be able to achieve them. But how many people you know, that are actually setting clear goals in their personal lives? I bet not that many. Well, I think that’s one of the biggest mistakes we are doing.

Hopefuly you have seen and understood better how transformational coaching can change your life for the better. There are many materials online which you can search for and learn from. But if you want to get on that “Success train” fast, the best way is to reach out to a coach and sign up for a ride of your life! Noone has ever regret investing into themselves.

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