What is neurolinguistic programming and why should you care

Horvat Maja Neurolinguistic programming

You might be wondering what is neurolinguistic programming?

It is a study of the mind. It is understanding how our brain works and why we do the things we do, when we do them, even if sometimes we do not understand why. 

Neurolinguistic programming is a set of techniques and practical tools which can help us in improving our life. We can change bad habits and understand our mind on a deeper level. It also helps us understand our values and can help us overcome our phobias and fears. 

There are many practical tools and applications of NLP techniques. The amazing thing is that we can apply them to wide array of challenges and problems that we are facing in our daily life. 

Neurolinguistic programming is based on scientific research and yet it has something mystical to it that we don’t always understand. It is the result of the techniques which access our subconscious mind and create fundamental changes. Those can be then later visible in our behaviour, way of thinking and generally our state of mind.

The tools which we use in the NLP sessions may sometimes seem strange and funny and it is not always necessary to understand how they affect us. The only important thing is that we believe they can. 

What is so amazing with NLP and why so many people utilize it to change and improve their lives is, that we can make instant changes. No matter how many years a person has been struggling with a certain problem, negative behaviour, limiting belief or a phobia, with a proper approach and appropriate NLP technique that problem can go away in a moment. 

Neurolinguistic programming is not a form of therapy

It has to be noted that neurolinguistic coaching is not a substitution for medical treatment or therapy. Those sciences each have their own merits and purposes. NLP is in most cases used as an addition to the above-mentioned practices. As a concrete example, if you are sick with cancer, NLP coach will probably not be able to make cancer go away. Where it can help you is, how you perceive and deal with your illness on a psychological level.  

To conclude this short introduction to Neurolinguistic programming, you are welcome to explore if there is anything that you are currently struggling with within your life. Any challenges that you can’t seem to deal with? Recurring patterns that are present in your life? Or perhaps a limiting belief that is preventing you to excel at something?

The best suggestion is to book an Intro session and check with me if this is an issue we could work on solving. Take your first step towards being the best version of yourself! 

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