We are brainwashing ourselves by thinking thoughts

How thinking influences our mind

Do you now how many thoughts cross your mind every day? Based on various scientific researches, the range number of thoughts is apparently somewhere between 6,200 and 50,000. And your thinking is repetitive.

But more important than that number, is the next one. 70% – 80% of those thoughts are negative.

Did that fact struck you when you’ve read it? No? Then read it again. And then imagine the huge consequences that negative thinking can actually have on how you view the world, your mindset, yourself.

In this blog post I will mostly focus on the negative thoughts, for the sake of the message I wish to convey. Please keep that in mind. I sincerely hope, you are thinking more positive thoughts in general.

What thoughts do to us?

Have you ever asked yourself what your thoughts do to you? How they influence who you are? How repeating each thought can become so embeded into you and your identity that at one point these, once random thoughts, become your beliefs. Yes, this is actually how beliefs are created.

A thought which is thought continuously for a longer period of time, becomes our belief. So we literally brainwash ourselves with our thinking. And the scary part is that most of the time, we do not consciously choose which thoughts we are going to think.

Now isn’t that interesting? I bet many of us approach other areas of our lives in a pretty structured and planned way. Let’s say you’re a movie director. Do you just randomly pile up some shots and call it a movie? I bet the shots are organized in a manner that they serve a certain intention that the movie intends to convey.

If you are a writer, do you carefully plan which paragraph goes where and how the whole story fits together? Or do you just randomly write down words and then call it a book?

I think you understand where I’m going with this. So why then are we not filtering our own daily thoughts and let them toxify our mind without any control? If we could crack that code, we’d all be superhumans already!

Upgrade and filter your thoughts by changing your thinking

Here’s a crazy idea. Why don’t you intentionally pick your thoughts and filter what comes inside your mind? How’s that for a game changer!

The great thing is that now, you are aware what are the facts and that you can actually do something about it and influence the future you. By changing your thoughts. Because you deserve better. Because you need to raise your standards.

You wouldn’t let people come into your house and s*** all over would you? So why do you allow yourself and others to do that inside your mind? It’s the same exact thing if not worse. Because repeating thoughts stay with you and turn into beliefs and eventually influence your identity.

And I can just hear the question popping in your head now:”But Maja, I have no idea what that means. How do I change my thoughts?

Glad you asked. There is a magic moment that happens in your mind that can change everything. The moment right after you think that thought. After a thought enters our mind, we usually react emotionally to that thought, which puts us in a certain emotional state. Or we transit into a next thought which might be similar and sometimes even more intense than the previous one. If we are talking about negative thoughts, that is, thoughts which have negative emotions attached to them, that would usually lead the thinker into a sad, depressed or anxious state. We’ve all been there. Some more often than others.

And the difference that makes the difference is exactly in that moment. When the thought arrives. Because then and there YOU can decide whether you will entertain that thought or not. So this is the door to your mind, your subconscious, where you can decide if that guest thought is welcome or not. And if you judge that it is not beneficial for your wellbeing, then you simply decide to stop thinking that thought and refuse it by replacing it with a more empowering thought.

Because thoughts are like soap bubbles. Nothing more, nothing less. They don’t have an agenda. They are just floating around. The thinker is the one who decides what and how that thought will influence him or her. And if you love yourself enough, if you value yourself enough and respect yourself enough, then you will know exactly which thoughts are welcome in your mind and which aren’t.

Activity of the brain

Our brain is an amazing machine. It produces so many thoughts, emotions and memories that it’s simply fascinating. But the brain activity is also fluctuating. Meaning that it is not always the same. And how we measure the activity of the brain is in wave frequencies. The higher the frequency, the more intense the brain activity is. Of course that depends on the cognitive processes going on, complexity of our thoughts, our emotional state and so on.

But as we all know body and mind are connected. So by thinking certain thought, our body would react accordingly. And with having more thoughts, with higher negative emotional intensity, we could end up and we often do, in a state of stress or anxiety. And long term that means also burn-out.

So what we can do to avoid that, is intentionally calming down our brain activity and frequency of the brainwaves. We call this “transient hypofrontality”. It literally just means a temporary slowing down of your brain activity to a certain brainwave frequency. This enables our body and our mind to recharge, to allow our mind to “open” and tackle into our superhuman side of ourselves. This state is also a prerequisite for achieving The Flow.

Listen to this video if you want to know more about transient hypofrontality.

When we calm our mind down, our body is releasing different types of chemicals than when we are in our fight or flight mode. And that has many beneficial factors for us. So the more often you do this, the less stressed and less tired you are going to be in general.

And don’t tell me that taking 3 minutes several times per day is too much of a commitment. Because then, I seriously doubt you have any intention to change for the better. And I would really like to be wrong

Take action by doing nothing

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. In order to achieve a calmer mind and decrease the brainwaves you need to be still. So in your body as in your mind. And you easily achieve this by breathing. And that’s all.

The biohacking portal that I use with all my clients TheFloHub7® contains more than 700 triggers that help you achieve that state. So if you’re not sure you can do it on your own, there are resources out there which can support you. All you have to do is reach out.

(Seriously, reach out for your 10% discount on monthly subscription to the FlowHub7 biohacking portal)

Here is a preview to how those triggers look and sound like:

To recap what we’ve covered in this article:

  1. We have thousands of thoughts in a single day and up to 80% of them are negative thoughts.
  2. Thoughts influence our state of mind, so if you have repeating negative thinking, guess how you feel most of the time an why?
  3. Good news is, that YOU can decide which thoughts you actually want to let inside your mind and which to let go.
  4. By decreasing your brain activity, you decrease the number of thoughts and you tap into your super human potential and you also feel better physically.
  5. There is a simple tool which can support you in that as well as coaching programmes which you can sign-up for on this website.


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