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What my clients say

Thanks to Maja, I was able to work on my personal issues. I had no idea I had so many limiting beliefs about myself, which I truly thought was pragmatic thinking. Knowing how entangled the mind and the body are, it becomes even more important to treat ourselves with a good mental hygiene, which Maja provides with neurolinguistic and other tools she keeps adding to her repertoire.

A., France

I am very happy I started NLP with Maja! Before I started, I had the impression that NLP was only a way to reinforce the use of positive language, but it is so much more. The mind is a machine and I needed to unblock it and point it to the right direction. The exercises helped me do steps towards my goals from the very first time, and I realized many things during our sessions: how I treat myself, the importance of tangible goals, limiting beliefs that are hidden where I least expected them. Maja is extremely empathetic, positive, uncritical, and encouraging. Also exceptionally flexible to adapt the sessions to your needs, and really really sweet. I find very enjoyable the elements she implements, like guided meditation, flow techniques, and exercises. I am a different person after each session.

M., Greece

I got to the point when I couldn’t figure out how to work and finish some important tasks. The struggle lasted for about two months until I realised I needed some guidance. Over the course of our sessions with Maja I rapidly changed the way I work and I see an immense difference. It finally put me back on track.

M., Czech republic