The peaceful warrior programme

Are you struggling with work-related stress, long working hours, a hostile working environment, and burnout.

Do you feel overwhelming exhaustioncynicism, and lack of feeling of accomplishment at work?

Take a look at the 12 steps of burnout below and if you find yourself in at least 3 of them on a regular basis, it’s probably a good idea to consult a professional:

12 stages of burnout:

  1. The Compulsion to Prove Oneself: demonstrating worth obsessively; tends to hit the best employees, those with enthusiasm who accept responsibility readily.
  2. Working Harder: an inability to switch off.
  3. Neglecting Needs: erratic sleeping, eating disrupted, lack of social interaction.
  4. Displacement of Conflicts: problems are dismissed; we may feel threatened, panicky, and jittery.
  5. Revision of Values: Values are skewed, friends and family dismissed, hobbies seen as irrelevant. Work is the only focus.
  6. Denial of Emerging Problems: intolerance; perceiving collaborators as stupid, lazy, demanding, or undisciplined; social contacts harder; cynicism, aggression; problems are viewed as caused by time pressure and work, not because of life changes.
  7. Withdrawal: social life small or nonexistent, need to feel relief from stress, alcohol/drugs.
  8. Odd Behavioral Changes: changes in behavior obvious; friends and family concerned.
  9. Depersonalization: seeing neither self nor others as valuable, and no longer perceive own needs.
  10. Inner Emptiness: feeling empty inside and to overcome this, look for activity such as overeating, sex, alcohol, or drugs; activities are often exaggerated.
  11. Depression: feeling lost and unsure, exhausted, future feels bleak and dark.
  12. Burnout Syndrome: can include total mental and physical collapse; time for full medical attention.

The basis of “The peaceful warrior” are the principles of the revolutionary FlowCode® combined with neurolinguistic programming. This program acknowledges the harsh environment we work in and the fast-paced lifestyles we are leading. It strives towards adopting the state of flow on a daily basis whenever you feel overwhelmed, stressed, tired or exhausted.

The weekly coaching sessions are accompanied by the FlowHub7 app which contains more than 500 useful meditations, sounds immersions, exercises, triggers which the client learns how to utilize even when the coach is not present.

By the end of this program, you will be transformed into a leader everybody will admire. You will gain inner calm without compromising productivity. Your priorities will be clear and you will raise your standards by putting health first. It’s all about balancing your stress levels and know when to take 5 to restore your body and your mind.


This programme consists of:

  • 1 FlowHub7 app monthly subscription
  • 5 coaching sessions (one on one)


PRICE: 399€

The estimated time of the program is 1 month. It can be adapted according to the needs of the client. For the sake of successful transformation, it is highly recommended that you commit to at least 90min per week for this.


NOTICE: All programmes are available online. In-person meetings are possible if the client is located in the same area as the coach. Necessary anti-covid measures are discussed and established in the intro session with the client.


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