This coaching programme focuses on achieving the state of Flow. It follows the structure of the revoluntionary FlowCode® programme which was created to hack into the optimal state of your being.

The “Find your flow” programme is for anyone who wishes to tap into their optimized state and start living by the philosophy of flow on daily basis.

We utilize regular coaching sessions in combination with a FlowHub7 app which also enables you to practice flow on daily basis without the presence of your Flow coach.

This programme includes:

  • 1 free webinar on The Flow personality
  • 1 FlowHub7 application subscription
  • 5x coaching sessions (one on one)


PRICE: 399€

Estimated time of the programme is 1 month. It can be adapted according to the needs of the client. For the sake of successful transformation, it is highly reccomended that you commit to at least 90min per week for this.


NOTICE: All programmes are available online. In-person meetings are possible if the client is located in the same area of the coach. Necessary anti-covid measures are discussed and established on the intro session with the client.



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