This programme is nothing that has ever been seen before. I’ve created the ultimate tool for transformation based on the revolutionary FlowCode® that will transform you into a Flow personality.

Basic intention of the programme is to invent a personality that is as fluid as possible in any given circumstances. Flow personality enables one to flow through life in a meaningful and fullfiling manner. You automatically become more confident, at peace with yourself and less anxious and stressed.

Tapping into the power of flow is achieved on a deliberate and structured rodemap. I will guide you through that map in the group coaching sessions. This gives anyone who is willing to set the intention and transform themselves an opportunity to create the best version of themselves.

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Why would you join this programme:

  1. You understand the power of the flow state and you want to tap into it intentionally and not by chance.
  2. Growth mindset is your second nature but you still need some guidance to break the code and take it to that next level.
  3. You are a professional athlete and you need to be in your top performance on demand.
  4. Benefits of healthy habits are clear to you and you want support and accountability to establish them on the longterm basis.
  5. You want a life coach but you are not completely sure whether 1 on 1 coaching is for you and you want to try it with a group. You like to be part of the community of like minded people.

How will this programme work:

  • Group with max 12 members
  • Total duration: 2 months
  • Weekly online coaching sessions (45-60min)
      • Each session will contain live coaching, breathing exercise, physical exercises, self-reflection
      • Sessions are going to be on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. CET
  • Goal oriented (initial self-assessment and tracking your progress)
  • Facebook group as a support
  • In-between sessions are supported by use of the FlowHub® biohack app (monthly subscription included)


PRICE: 95 eur (full price for 2 months)

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I want to become a Flow personality


The duration of the programme is 2 months. Your commitment is to show up on weekly coaching sessions and to do your own internal work. The online sessions are going be conducted live and will not be recorded. 

My commitment to you is that if after 30 days you don’t experience the growth and personal transformation, I will give you your money back. 

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