Being a multipotentialite and confidence

Being a multipotentialite is a bumpy road. People who are called multipotentialites are those with a wide array of interests and skills which can be completely unrelated. They also tend to change careers or hobbies on a frequent basis.

This can often affect their confidence as society is prone to specialization and specialists. Multipotentialites are what we call “jacks of all trades” which makes them excellent connectors and creatives. But more often than not, they struggle to convey their worth and potential to future employers.

Multipotentialite and proud

It is only a couple of years since I discovered that I am a multipotentialite. And boy did I feel relieved. Knowing that I belong and that there is nothing wrong with me was one of the most freeing feelings.

But on the second thought, it makes you think why did I need another human tell me I am worthy. That I am enough. It shouldn’t work like that. We should all already be brought up with the notion that we are enough just as we are.

Well we all know, it doesn’t, unfortunately, work like that. But the good news is, times are changing and so is society. Our consciousness is rising as is our understanding of the self and society as a whole. We are much more open to diversity.

Being a multipotentialite is becoming more and more recognized and there are communities forming and holding space for those who are just discovering their precious gift. And with that, confidence to step into our full power is increasing as well.

Recognize your gift and wear it proudly

Being a multipotentialite and a life coach I have the perfect setup to coach other multipotentialites into their power. Empowering them feels to me like I am taking care of one my own. It’s the most natural thing to do.

And the joy of their recognition of their own potential is immense. Both for them as for me. Because for so long, society has been telling us there is something wrong with us. That we started believing it. Even though we could not understand why.

So if you are a multipotentialite or if you are not sure yet, or if you just found out that you might be one…be proud! Step into your power and offer your gifts to the world without a doubt or shame.

A perfect job for you

There is no one-size-fits-all job for you. Because of the fact that each of us is so diverse and has so many different combinations of skills and competencies. However, there are certain types of jobs one can consider.

As a multipotentialite you know there are going to be times of big changes which will come either every couple of months or could be years. And you should not be afraid of those changes. But if you are your own boss, the adaptation might be easier because you decide where you want to take your business.

So if you’re not already an entrepreneur, consider becoming one. It might be scary at first, but so is looking for a new job with that CV of yours which might look like a Disney wishlist to those who don’t understand us.

One area where you can thrive is in some creative roles where you need to think outside the box. Because what else are we than outside of box thinkers? With so many interests that are often not even related, we can see the connection and pull them together.

Being a connector is our natural role. I don’t know if it happened to you, but I know many different groups of people because every topic of my interest has a community around it. And guess who is the link between those communities. You are! So think of it as an asset.

Reframe how you think of yourself

The most important thing for a multipotentialite is to reframe how we think about ourselves. Instead of seeing our multiple interests as a fault, see it as an asset.

Because that is really the essence of your self-image. And once you change your thinking, you will automatically see opportunities everywhere and be open about your ideas. Share with other people what options you see and perhaps you will make them see what you see.

If you turn your diversity into your biggest asset, people are going to see it as well, because your confidence is going to confirm that you are walking the talk and that it can be done. Because after all, you are an expert in being a multipotentialite with lifelong experience.



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