10-day Flow personality DETOX challenge

10 day detox challenge

Join the 10-day DETOX challenge with Maja.

We will be approaching this challenge from a holistic point of view. This simply means that each day will have a focus on a different area of your life (see focus topics below).

By the end of 10 days, you will ideally become more connected to yourself and your surrounding. You will adopt a lighter approach to life and learn how to tap into your optimal state. The state of Flow.

How will the challenge work?

  • There will be live zoom webinar about the Flow code prior to the challenge so you can better understand the approach we will take in the challenge (recommended that you are there, but don’t worry if you miss it, you will still be able to follow the challenge)
  • All communication is going to go through email, private whatsapp group or a private Facebook group (depending on your preference)
  • First day of the challenge you are going to receive a pre-recorded session and a template sheet on how to properly set your goals for the challenge. This is going to be important and it will show your commitment to yourself
  • You will receive daily guidance and links 3 times per day to powerful biohacking tools which you will be implementing slowly into your life
  • The FlowHub7 is an important tool in this process, so a monthly subscription is included in the price of the challenge, which means you will be able to use it even after the challenge is over

For whom is the challenge?

This challenge is for anyone who wishes to find a way to get more in the flow with his or her own self. This challenge can be that first step you wanted to take towards a certain goal, but you just never managed to get yourself to do it. This challenge is for those who know that a healthy challenge can be super beneficial to your physical and mental health. And finally it is also for people who are thinking of getting a personal coach, but just aren’t sure if that’s something for them. You will be able to personally get to know me and connect with me.

We will set specific goals at the begining of the challenge, so you will decide what you want to mainly focus on. I will guide you through the process, all you have to do is commit and do the challenge.

What do you get:

  • A webinar about the Flow Code
  • 1 monthly subscription to a biohacking portal FlowHub7
  • 10x Daily guidance and structured tasks
  • 1 Goal setting online session
  • Online support and guidance of the coach


PRICE: 65€

10 day programme:

Day 1 focus: Setting your goals and intentions for the challenge

Day 2 focus: Detox your environment

Day 3 focus: Detox your body

Day 4 focus: Detox your mind

Day 5 focus: Detox you spirit

Day 6 focus: Detox your relationships

Day 7 focus: Re-connect with nature

Day 8 focus: Find your flow

Day 9 focus: Become a flow personality

Day 10: Wrap up live call


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