About Me

I am a transformational coach. My mission is to help you reach your highest potential and live the life you want.

My coaching is fearless and I don’t hesitate to tell you what nobody else will. I say what needs to be said, because I have only your best interest and growth in mind. As a coach I will always believe in you. Even when you won’t. But I will also hold you accountable because I want you to succeed and that’s why you want me by your side. 

 transformational coach

 I am what people call a multipotentialite or a polymath. A person with many interests. And in this world of specializations and exepertise, our kind is not seen as the norm. For many years I was thinking I have commitment issues. That I am the weird one who always jumps from one hobby to another and can’t decide what exactly I want. Only to one day receive a TEDTalk video about multipotentialites from my brother which made me feel I was finally home. And that is when I accepted myself for who I am and actually started seeing it as an asset. 

I believe my unique personality is what attracts my clients to me. And the fact that I have had many career changes in the past, that I have started anew many times in different countries, different jobs and with different people enables me to get closer to people with humility and genuine curiosity. 

Personal growth and self-development were always one of my top values. On my personal journey, I discovered that I have a passion and a natural tendency to transfer and share knowledge and my discoveries, with  people around me. That is how I decided that I want to become a transformational coach.

The greatest influenced on my work has come from great names in the neurolinguistic world like Tony Robbins and David Key who were also my mentors and coaches as well as Rich Litvin.

I draw my inspiration from their ever evolving approach to coaching and breaking barriers between traditional and new styles. 

I am a certified Flow coach and a NLP practicioner. Why these two principles? Because I like science as much as I like the misterious world of our mind. And with both those approaches I found a powerful combination how to hack into the mind and transform it. 


Current official certifications that I hold:

Maja Horvat FLOW certificate

maja_horvat NLP certificate 

Coaching programmes

Are you searching for a specific topic that you  are struggling with? Check the available coaching programmes that I offer.

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NOTICE: All programmes are based on neurolinguistic programming with a combination of revoluntionary FlowCode®. It is a powerful combination of the best theoretical and practical tools which creates a deep transformation of one’s body and mind. 


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If you are not sure whether transformational coaching is for you, you can read more about the practical application of it in my blog I wrote HERE