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Uncover your true potential with flow

As a Flow Coach, I help individuals and teams achieve their full potential by tapping into the power of flow. Flow is a state of consciousness where you are fully immersed in the present moment, and everything seems to happen effortlessly.

My coaching program is designed to help you achieve this state more frequently and consistently, leading to enhanced performance and happiness in all areas of your life.

Overcome limitations

Your human experience is limited by your beliefs, fears and stories you or others have been telling you your whole life. Time to break free from those limitations and become limitless as you really are.

Expand your awareness

Is your life ALL that can be? Or are you missing something? We can only perceive what we can imagine. And your awareness is the key factor here. Expanding your awareness of what is possible, will expand your whole world.

Tap into the flow

Flow state is your secret weapon to tap into your unlimited potential. When you are in your optimal state, you literally tap into the quantum field of all possibilities, which is basically your higher-self.

Flow coaching program is based on the latest neuroscience research and is designed to help you achieve a state of flow more easily and consistently. I will work with you to identify the activities that are most likely to induce flow for you, and will help you develop the skills and practices necessary to achieve this state on demand.

Who Can Benefit from Flow Coaching?

Flow coaching is suitable for anyone who wants to achieve optimal performance and happiness in their personal or professional life. This coaching program is particularly effective for athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and executives who need to perform at their best consistently. Whether you want to improve your focus, creativity, productivity, or overall well-being, my coaching program can help you achieve your goals.

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About Me.

who is behind all this?

Maja Horvat

Curiosity and constant expansion is my motto


You can’t do epic things, with basic people

Coaching style

Neurolinguistic programming, Flow coaching, Human design, Intuitive

Who am I

Curious human, multipotentialite, content creator and a constant explorer of the unknown realms. Who am I? What else is out there? Am I really the creator of all this?

My Vision

I believe there is so much potential in each human being. I want to challenge everything that we think is “real” and see where are the limits, if any, to this human experience.

My Mission

Shake each persons world and empower them with all my knowledge so they will leave my session wondering how they could ever think they aren’t as powerful as they are.

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I got to the point when I couldn’t figure out how to work and finish some important tasks. The struggle lasted for about two months until I realised I needed some guidance. Over the course of our sessions with Maja I rapidly changed the way I work and I see an immense difference. It finally put me back on track.

Matej, CZ

Fashion designer

Maja is extremely empathetic, positive, uncritical, and encouraging. Also exceptionally flexible to adapt the sessions to your needs, and really really sweet. I find very enjoyable the elements she implements, like guided meditation, flow techniques, and exercises.

Maria, GR

Team leader

I work with Maja on a regular basis. As a small business owner I was mostly struggling with scaling up my business (massage studio) and Maja helped me with breaking my glass ceiling and overcoming my comfort zone. I had several breakthroughs and I know that anytime we have a session, I will expand into a even better version of myself.

Alenka, SLO

Small business owner

I was struggling with finishing my master degree for more than a year. I just could not organize myself and motivate myself to sit down. After only one session with Maja, we made a plan and I regained my motivation. In just 1 month after that, I successfully finished my degree and graduated with honors.

Anja, SLO


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